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My name is Michele Brown and I have an extensive background in animal rescue and animal welfare, going back many decades.

On a daily basis I look after around 80 wild kangaroos, 20 koalas and thousands of marsupials and other animal life, reptiles, bird and marine life. I am also an emergency first responder for a large animal welfare organization, where I rescue wildlife as well as domestic pets, including cats and dogs.

Some of my best experiences in life have come from animals, so I have many wonderful and uplifting stories which I look forward to sharing with you. I have rescued animals in many different countries, where I have come close to being arrested on a number of occasions.

I was in the epicenter of the Ash Wednesday bush fires, in Cockatoo, Victoria, where I owned horses, dogs and cats and only survived because of a change of wind at the last moment. As the 100 foot wall of flame began to roar up my driveway, I braced myself to die, along with my horses, dogs and cats, as we huddled together at the top of the long driveway. By sheer luck the wind shifted direction and we lived, while many others died.

With my own animals safe, I immediately joined the Emergency Rescue Unit – in Animal Rescue. Setting out in chocking black smoke on the mountain roads by myself, alongside fire trucks, ambulances and police, all with sirens blaring, I rescued mainly horses, but also dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, for around 72 hours.  It was harrowing beyond what I am able to describe with words. So many years later, the memories of Ash Wednesday still haunt me. This website will be the first time I have ever written about my own experiences in Ash Wednesday.

I am a front line fighter of the dog and cat meat trade and have been fighting to end the trade for many years. Having traveled extensively in over 75 countries, I have witnessed the dog and cat meat trade in real life, in most of the locations. Throughout my travels, I have photographed and documented many shocking animal atrocities.

I am passionate about supporting fellow animal rescuers and highlighting their good work. I look forward to sharing animal articles with you and interacting with you, through your comments and emails.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will be a regular visitor and supporter of the work which we will undertake, to help make the world a kinder place for animals.

Michele Brown.

Please note: Rescuer’s Heart For Animals is an independent organization and not connected in any way to any other individual, group or organization.


If you see animal cruelty or suspicious animal treatment, please immediately report it to your local authorities and local animal rescue groups.