Philippines: Rescued – Dog Bludgeoned Until Blinded, pet centric, #heartforanimals

Philippines: Rescued – Dog Bludgeoned Until Blinded

A two year old healthy dog was beaten so ferociously by a man in a rage, that it exploded both of the dog’s eyeballs out of his head. This atrocity only happened eight weeks ago and the dog, known as Donkey, was left to die in agony and total blindness. Dogs Mountain sanctuary stepped in and rescued Donkey, where he went into immediate surgery., pet centric, #heartforanimals

Both eyeballs were exploded from within the dog’s eye sockets.

With both eyeballs exploded from their sockets, Donkey’s eyes could not be saved, leaving him totally blind and in darkness. He also suffered other horrific injuries to his head and body, caused by the man’s constant bludgeoning of his body.

The team at Dogs Mountain knew Donkey had no where to go and no one to love him. He could no longer survive on the cruel streets of the Philippines and would have been a definite candidate to be stolen by illegal dog snatchers, to sell him for dog meat., pet centric, #heartforanimals

A few mornings ago Donkey was found cuddling Winnie the Pooh.

Dogs Mountain founder Shirley, said a few mornings ago she woke up to find Donkey cuddling a big Winnie the Pooh toy. She said it broke her heart to see him, knowing he had been so healthy, but now completely blinded.

The following video was at taken at Dogs Mountain on Donkey’s first day out of hospital, when he was brought to the sanctuary, where he will live out the rest of his life.


Dogs Mountain is a privately run charity and home to 248 dogs, 10 cats and 4 goats. Almost all the dogs are rescued dog meat dogs, and many have already been at Dogs Mountain for over 10 years. It is a huge financial cost to look after these animals, which have all suffered a terrible betrayal by humans, but now they’ll  live out their life at the sanctuary, and will not be re-homed. These animals finally have peace.

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A petition to call for an end to the Philippines dog meat trade: Philippines: Stop Dog Meat Abuse:

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