Egypt: Exporting 10,000 Live Donkeys To China And Dogs To South Korea, pet centric, #heartforanimals

Egypt: Exporting 10,000 Live Donkeys To China And Live Dogs To South Korea

Egypt is strongly considering exporting it’s live street dogs to Korea for slaughter as dog meat dogs. The General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture has already signed an agreement with China to export 10,000 live donkeys, to be slaughtered for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in China.

A Korean company approached Egyptian authorities to enter into a contract of live exports of Egypt’s unwanted street dogs to be shipped to Korea. Local animal rights organizations recently condemned their Egyptian government’s massacre of it’s stray dog population, so consequently the condemnation is being used as the excuse to consider exporting the live dogs to Korea, for dog meat.

Rescuer’s Heart For Animals: this is always the dilemma when fighting animal cruelty: fighting to shut down one sector of cruelty can sometimes provoke authorities to blindside us with shocking alternatives which are equally as horrific in the suffering brought to bare against animals.

In relation to the donkey’s, China’s donkeys are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers, decreasing their numbers from 11 million to 6 million, mainly due to the false belief in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), known as Ejiao in China, which prescribes donkey hide for women suffering anemia, dry cough or dizziness ( Morocco News.), pet centric, #heartforanimals

Egypt: another day of work for these malnourished donkeys.

A comment from an Islamic lady named Mimi:

“Dogs saliva is unclean however the animal is not unclean. Despite, Islam teaches you to be kind and merciful to ALL CREATURES, ALL ANIMALS.

When you are a good person, you will recognize how beautiful soul animals have including dogs. Dogs are loyal, loving, intelligent and good companions. Someone with a heart will recognize it.

Many Muslims do not practice and don’t understand their religion. Whatever knowledge passed on them from their ancestors, will take even if it’s wrong. I heard of cases when dogs were abused only because ignorant Muslims considered them dirty.

Cruelty is unacceptable in Islam and there are many stories narrated in Hadith of Prophet (sws) warning against mistreatment of animals and encouraging a mercy and a god treatment.

Example: prostitute entered paradise because she gave water to a thirsty dog and a believing woman entered a hell because she tied up a cat in her house and neither gave her food nor released her to find its own provision.

In the Quran there is a verse which says: if you save a life, it is as if you saved the whole nation. Do not pick up some verse of Quran or a narration and act solely upon it. Tried to learn your religion as a whole and understand it in its entirety.

Yes, there is a narration that says that keeping a dog inside your house will take 1 reward from you but keeping a dog in scorching heat without a shelter where he struggles – do you think honestly you are following Islam?!!!! (Mimi’s comment.), pet centric, #heartforanimals

Egyptian children with street dogs.

‘Dogs Are Not Impure’ Says Prominent Islamic Scholar

Fight Dog Meat: The following report debunks the myth that Prophet Muhammad hated dogs and only loved cats. It gives a much needed insight into the understanding of the often misquoted faith.

“Traditionally, dogs have been seen as unclean and impure, with Islamic thinkers warning Muslims to avoid contact with the loyal animals.

Despite the Prophet Muhammad’s kindness to animals, including notable stories of the Prophet caring for puppies, it has often been considered that dogs are unclean and are incompatible with those that practice Islam.

Yet, a new fatwa by Egypt’s former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa challenges this traditional view, stating that there is a misconception about dogs being impure and ritually unclean (najis).

Sheikh Gomaa, who was Grand Mufti for a decade of the Sunni Islamic world’s top Islamic authority, is one of the most respected Islamic scholars and clerics in the world.

During his television show which discusses Islam’s teachings, the Sheikh stated that there is nothing wrong with keeping a dog inside your house as a dog is not impure.

According to Sheikh Gomaa, Islamic jurisprudence, which he says is based off Islam’s adopted teachings of Imam Malik ibn Anas, dictates that dogs come from a group of immaculate and clean animals that worship and are not impure or unclean.

In regards to the popular conception that ‘angels do not enter houses which contain dogs,’ the former Grand Mufti stated that this is not true, but that dogs should not enter your prayer space.

Yet, Sheikh Gomaa went even further in his defence of dogs, stating that their loyalty allows them to be beneficial for protection, hunting and detection of explosives and drugs. The Sheikh added that guide dogs are extremely beneficial for those that are blind.

It is unclear whether the Sheikh’s fatwa will be quickly adopted across the Islamic world. In the past, there have been multiple Islamic scholars that have spoken out against the idea that dogs are impure or unclean.

Sheikh Mahmud Shaltut, a former Grand Imam of Al-Azhar who was in office between 1958-1963, had issued a similar fatwa declaring that dogs are not ritually unclean. Former Grand Mufti Sheikh Nasr Farid Wasil also issued the same declaration in the late 1970s and early 1980s” (end of report by Mohamed Khairat.)

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