China: Brutal Force-Feeding and Slaughter Of Cattle, pet centric, #heartforanimalsChina: Brutal Force-Feeding and Slaughter Of Cattle

In Zhongji, China, a cattle truck delivers more than 10 cows to a slaughterhouse at 8pm in the evening. Within minutes of arriving, the confused cows have hoses shoved through their nose and into their stomach, to force-feed them massive amounts of water, to increase their body weight.


Each cow will be force-fed three times, with a short 3 to 4 minute break in between.

By the third force-feeding the cows can barely stand and some collapse. As they lay dying they are still force-fed water to increase their body weight. Excited butchers swear force-feeding cattle with water brings an additional $1,500.

There is a chart at the end of the first video showing the additional profit from force-feeding the cows.

Warning: graphic: viewer discretion advised.



If you go back to the first video (the top one), and view it at the 1.10second mark through to 1.40 seconds, you will see the cow on the ground is still alive, and still being pumped with water as it’s dying.

Rescuer’s Heart For Animals will continue to bring you current undercover information, from our animal rescue friends in China.

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