Brazil: Help Outlaw Brazil’s Extremely Cruel Rodeos, pet centric, #heartforanimals

Brazil: Help Outlaw Brazil’s Extremely Cruel Rodeos

The Supreme Court of Brazil has ruled The Vaquejada [extremely cruel rodeo] to be unconstitutional but the decision has been rejected by the Brazilian senate. Throughout the event, young bulls have their tail torn off, or their legs or neck broken. Horses are also injured in large numbers, becoming mutilated when ridden into terrified bulls., pet centric, #heartforanimals

Typical scene at Brazil’s Vaquejada.

The Vaquejada is a particularly cruel rodeo which takes place in the northern Brazil, where a lot of cash money exchanges hands, as senators and other officials turn a blind eye. In opposition to the Supreme Court ruling, the senate judged that the Vauejada is culture and sport.


Local animal activists are asking their president to veto the decision of the Senate. Local animal activists in Brazil are asking for support from worldwide NGOs and animal protection organizations around the world, and international press.

Please write a letter to to your nearest Brazilian Consulate Embassy, addressed to President Michel Temer, imploring him to veto the PLC 24/2016, based on the extreme cruelty inflicted upon the live animals forced to be in the Vaquejada., pet centric, #heartforanimalsThank you for reading,

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