Australia: Spiderwebs Galore!, pet centric, #heartforanimals

Australia: Spiderwebs Galore!

Millions of spiders were forced to higher ground by floods and took up residence at a park in Yinnar, in the Gippsland region of central Victoria, Australia. The area received a heavier than usual downpour and the spiders reacted by going on the move and relocating (Mail.), pet centric, #heartforanimals

A sea of spider webs.

It might look like a set from a horror film, but this is real life. The phenomenon is known as ballooning. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the spiders in question crawl to the highest point they can find, release strands of silk, then launch themselves into the air., pet centric, #heartforanimals

Ballooning is when small migrating spiders launch themselves incredible distances.

Sky ballooning or floating webs is a worldwide natural phenomenon made by young migrating spiders. “There’s some that produce a ball like a balloon, and there’s some they call tent spiders because they create almost like a triangle, and when we get into cooler nights like we’ve been experiencing, that triggers the eggs of the sacks for the spiders to hatch.”, pet centric, #heartforanimals

This is known as ballooning and occurs throughout the world.

 It’s just small spiders looking for new hunting grounds. The silky strings can be 20-feet long and sometimes float for miles. In Brazil the skies will literally be clouded by the shrouds of these strings from the spiders.”

They’re all different varieties of spiders and the good news is they’re harmless to people and to plants. “They’re going to be feeding on the bad insects that we don’t want. These are the good guys.” Unless you suffer with arachnophobia, a terrifying fear of spiders
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