Africa: Endangered Tiny Rhino Calf Shot By Poachers, pet centric, #heartforanimalsAfrica: Endangered Tiny Rhino Calf Shot By Poachers

This innocent tiny rhino baby was shot – for what? He has no horn for poachers to steal, he has no value to poachers, but they shot him anyway. The heartless poachers gravely wounded the baby and didn’t even bother to put him out of his misery, by killing him. Vets said he was left injured and stumbling around, no doubt crying out for his mother. The mother was no where to be found so the vets feel she too must have been mortally wounded and went off to die, or is still out there somewhere, critically injured.
Rhino are being hunted faster than they breed. Hunted by poachers and hunted by sport-hunters. Either way, the rhino loses. When we lose the last rhino – they will never come back. Its too late to then say we should have done things differently.Nothing makes any of this alright., pet centric, #heartforanimals

A healthy baby Rhino, but even this one is an orphan, whose mother was killed by poachers.

Although not related to the baby rhino’s slaughter, on June 17, 2016, three rhino poachers were arrested at Chalet 8, Makana Resort, Grahamstown, as part of Operation Full Moon. The three men are two Zimbabwe nationals and one South African, appeared briefly in the Grahamstown Magistrates Court and were remanded in custody. The suspects are Forget Ndlovu, 40, Jabulani Ndlovu, 38, and Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu, 37.

The following items were recovered during the arrest:
One 72 cm rhino horn which had been freshly harvested, estimated value at approximately R1.2 million
One darting rifle
Saws and knives
Drugs used to dart animals
Various darts and percussion caps
A variety of camping gear and rations
Several cellphones
Two rental vehicles rented by the suspects were seized.

The suspects have been identified and linked to the recent poaching of a rhino at Buckland’s Private Game Reserve. The rhino was last seen alive on 17 June 2016 at about 09:30. It is suspected that the rhino was darted.

The suspects are also possibly linked to 10 rhino poaching incidents, in the Eastern Cape, as well as Mpumalanga and KwaZuluNatal (end of AA report.)

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