Australia: Koalas – In My Backyard

Australia: Koalas – In My Backyard, pet centricAustralia: Koalas – In My Backyard

Every day I look after around 80 Kangaroos, 20+ Koalas, countless other marsupials and thousands of other native wildlife, including bird life, marine life and reptiles. I often refer to these beautiful animals as “in my backyard.”  My name is Michele Brown and I’m the founder of Rescuer’s Heart For Animals, as well as the organization Fight Dog Meat.

It is not unusual for me to have kangaroos lounging just meters from my living room window, or pelicans or black swans. I’d like you to meet one of my young Koalas, who I photographed yesterday morning at 7am, as he was returning back to his home in the trees, after ta big night out. The following photos are exactly as I want to see a wild Koala who is on the ground – on the move and heading to safety, up a tree, pet centric

Koalas don’t spend a lot of time on the ground, but healthy Koalas can run quite fast if they have to.

Koalas are classed as ‘Endangered’ in Queensland, where we live, so every time we hang out with a wild untouched Koala, we see it as an absolute privilege. Fortunately this Koala is healthy with no signs of Retro Virus or Chlamydia, which are the fatal viruses causing Koalas to be listed as ‘Endangered.’, pet centric

Koalas are nocturnal, meaning they are awake all night and sleep during the day.

Koalas only remain stationary on the ground in daylight when they are very ill and need rescuing. Running to get back home to his tree is a very positive sign of a healthy Koala., pet centric

He stopped and thought about what he should do to get over the mesh fence and up the tree. And then he climbed up the fence and leapt across to the trunk of the tree. And once again he was safe.

Please enjoy our Koala’s one minute video:

Koalas are such a special and treasured animal, which are under so much threat. Its one thing to see Koalas in captivity, but to see them in the wild, completely untouched, is very heat warming. And even better when they are healthy!, pet centric

Waving goodbye, as he goes further up the tree to go to sleep.

I will be regularly posting photographs and videos of ‘my own wildlife,’ from native wildlife through the animal rescues, along with the regular posts of ‘all’ animals on this site.  I look forward to you visiting our site again.

Thank you,

Michele Brown

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