Kiki: Loyal Dog, Persecuted By His Own Family

Kiki: Loyal Dog, Persecuted By His Own Family, pet centricKiki: Loyal Dog, Persecuted By His Own Family

When Kiki the dog was born in Saigon, Vietnam, his future looked bright because he was adopted by a wealthy family who promised to love and cherish him. No-one could have predicted the depth of cruelty which Kiki’s new family were about perpetrate upon him.

Kiki was a chubby, happy little puppy with luxurious thick brown fur and well known in the neighborhood for his cheeky smile while playing with children. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him and in turn, Kiki loved everyone back, including all animals.

The day Kiki caught mange from a neighborhood dog, his life forever changed. Mange is a treatable skin ailment which can be quickly cleared up with medicine from a veterinarian  [in Vietnam mange is known as demodex.], pet centric

Kiki’s front legs as he lay on the vet’s table, after being rescued.

Instead of  taking Kiki to the vet, his family threw the helpless puppy onto the street and locked the gate behind him. Homeless and unable to feed or fend for himself, simply because he had a treatable skin complaint, Kiki’s family threw him out as a piece of trash because his was beauty was tainted.

Bewildered, Kiki began to live a tormented and sad life outside his family home’s gate, where he waited for them to call his name. Every day, in fierce sun and heat, or blinding rain, Kiki waited for his family to call his name and love him again.

He was starving to death and slowly dying of a broken heart. People in the neighborhood tossed him scraps of food, but not enough for a dog to survive on.

In an further acts of cruelty, Kiki’s ‘family’ were angry that he made them look bad to the neighborhood, so they began beating him with a sticks and rods to force him to move on, and go away to die somewhere else.

But Kiki was loyal to a fault and in his heart, he was still part of that family. Before too long  Kiki was covered in brutal injuries inflicted upon him by his own ‘family’ as he waited for them at the front gate.

One of Kiki’s hind legs was so severely beaten that it sustained a major injury which became severely infected, leaving Kiki crippled in pain and barely able to move. But he still waited outside the gate, in case they called his name.

Kiki could now only drag himself along the ground, using his front legs to drag his crippled hind legs, caused from all the beatings. His broken heart did not break his loyalty.

After receiving yet another of daily beating outside the gate, by his ‘owner, Kiki was seen dragging himself to a clump of grass. A local neighborhood person who knew Kiki as a puppy confronted the owner, who threw his hands in the air and yelled: “Its not my dog!”, pet centric

Kiki’s body being taken to the crematorium, by SAR rescue members.

That kind person contacted the Vietnamese rescue team SAR, who immediately swung into action to rescue Kiki.

“I will never forget the first time I saw him laying outside his family’s gate. He had barely any fur left on his frail, broken body which was covered in injuries and infected sores. He was utterly exhausted and too weak to crawl away. He tried to wag his tail as we approached him, but he whimpered in pain as his tail moved,” said SAR spokesperson Cu.

Rescuers were horrified to discover Kiki was completely blind in both eyes!

Kiki’s blindness was probably caused through repeated beatings to his head and body, which were covered in multiple injuries. Even completely blind, Kiki always found the exact house which he called his family.

The SAR rescue team carefully carried Kiki took the critically injured dog immediately to the vet hospital. They gave Kiki extra love and kindness to try and restore his faith in humans.  Kiki was dying of a broken heart which was caused by deliberate cruelty from his own family.

Days later, blind Kiki died and his rescue team all wept bitterly., pet centric

Kiki’s body at the crematorium.

They wept in grief knowing Kiki had died of a broken heart. They wept because humans had caused this loyal animal’s persecution and slow death. They wept in despair at wondering if he knew that finally love had finally found him, in their rescue team. They  wept because we were not able to save him in time.

There is no excuse for any person to deliberately inflict cruelty upon an animal. Having a companion dog or cat can fill your life with joy, but it is each person’s responsibility to look after your own animal and take it to the vet doctor, to be healed, when needed.

In return, a dog will love you and be your best friend to the end of it’s days.

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2 thoughts on “Kiki: Loyal Dog, Persecuted By His Own Family

  1. Lise-Lott - February 20, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Get the bastards, sickos punished and put them away for a long time

  2. Carol Sommerfeld - February 21, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    That is incredibly sad and sickening. Animals are fiercely loyal and loving … and they bleed red just like the rest of us. How anyone could not take care of this poor dog is heartbreaking. They should be punished!!!! RIP little angel


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