VIDEO – China: Xi’an Medical University Live Dog Experiments

VIDEO – China: Xi’an Medical University Live Dog Experiments, pet centricChina: Xi’an Medical University Live Dog Experiments

In what can only be described as a scene from a horror story, more than 20 abandoned dogs were discovered on the roof of the North Campus, Xi’an Jiaotong Medical University, which is a prestigious, high-ranking university in China. Almost all the dogs were still alive, groaning, trembling in pain and some were convulsing in agony, as they lay in freezing conditions, with open surgical wounds.

These experiments would have been done without any anesthetic or pain relief before, during or after the surgical experiments.

Some of the dogs had been roughly sutured before all of them had been discarded on the rood top, exposed to all elements in the freezing Chinese weather. These dogs were part of the university’s experimental animals for medical students to practice on live animals., pet centricMany of the surgical wounds were on the dogs’ abdomen region. Some had spinal wounds and some appeared to have been deliberately burnt. Rescuers had been alerted after people reported constant gut wrenching animal screams and loud howling coming from the sixth floor roof top of the Xi’an medical college., pet centric

Some of the live dog’s wounds also appeared to have been deliberately burnt.

The temperature for the previous days had been between 1F and 8F degrees and the surviving dogs had been left to freeze to death, on the top of the sixth floor building. The “medical students” didn’t even have the decency to put the dogs out of their misery and kill them before walking away from them., pet centric

Dazed with pain and infection, all the dogs were scared of anyone approaching them, after what they had already been through at the hands of brutal humans.

Most of the dogs had their mouth bound tightly shut and front and back legs bound together. They would not have even been able to scream out in pain as the medical students mercilessly sawed into them and hacked their fully conscious body open, to poke around their insides, with a complete lack of empathy for the pain their were inflicting on a living being., pet centric

Alive and left for dead in freezing conditions.

There was also a small group of starving dogs which had not yet been experimented on, which were chained to the wall, unable to escape. They had no food or water and were starving and freezing in the bitter conditions. They too were very nervous of humans approaching them., pet centric

Desperate for help, this chained dog pleads for mercy, through his traumatized eyes.

Rescuer’s attempted to gain access to the dogs over a number of nights, but were refused access each time, by University staff and security. When rescuer’s finally made a brief contact with the dogs, there were over 20 dogs on the roof., pet centric

Chained, starving and freezing.

Rescuer’s watched helplessly, from neighboring buildings across from the Xi’an University’s North Campus building. Before gaining full access to the dogs, they watched a dog trader hang dog after dog, and beat it, before taking it away to probably sell as dog meat., pet centric

Prior to getting access to the dying dogs, rescuer’s had been watching closely from opposite buildings, as they fought for access to the dogs.

After several nights the rescuer’s gained full access to the stricken dogs. Rescuer’s were told there were only eight dogs left on the roof, when there was still actually 19 dogs, which rescuer’s removed.

Riddled with infection and pain, this poor dog tries his best to hide from humans, as rescuer's approach him.

Riddled with infection and pain, this poor dog tries his best to hide from humans, as rescuer’s approach him.

On the roof top, rescuers found injections for animal anesthesia (photographed), which were unopened and unused. The medical students and medical university staff had the means to put these dogs out of their suffering, but they just couldn’t be bothered doing it. Absolutely disgusting!, pet centric

Xi’an Medical College where the live animal experiments take place.

Up until September 15, 2015, Xi’an University had permission to conduct experiments on live rabbits and mice (which is also unacceptable.) Since September the university appears to have found it easier and cheaper to use stray dogs or stolen live dogs, which can be easily supplied by dog traders within the dog meat trade. Dying or dead dogs can be sold back to dog traders and/or dog butchers for quick cash and replaced by more dogs, for more experiments.

If you wish to contact the university and make a complaint:
Health Administration Dep, director +86 180 668 60 768
Head of Basic Medical Sciences Institute , +86 861 32 665

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