Snake Wine – Bizarre Sex Aid

Snake Wine – Bizarre Sex Aid, pet centricSnake Wine – Bizarre Sex Aid

“Sexual stamina during sexual intercourse can increase the size of a man’s penis,” according to the owner of a Chinese Beer store, Li, who says snake rice-wine is one of his best sellers. He claims Chinese snake rice-wine is an aphrodisiac which increases a man’s sexual stamina and his penis. What a sales pitch!

“Lookout for fake wines which are made with methanol. Real snake wine is made with authentic traditional rice liquor.” Since some snakes are not endangered, trade is not banned and sales of wine are legal. Besides pure rice wine, the common ingredient in virtually every exotic wine sold in Asia is the genitals of snake, sheep, ox, deer, and dog.


Snake wine – drunk as a sex aid for men looking to enhance their libido.

Snake wine has now become the latest gimmick for many western and European men, plus a few women, as a bizarre sex aid for men suffering performance problems in the bedroom and it’s being shipped around the world, after being ordered online.

Snake wine is made by fermenting rice for five days and then boiled and distilled, removing any impurities. The liquid from the steam is captured in a container with other herbs, roots and bulbs. Then the special ingredient is added. Normally the Chinese prefer poisonous snakes, like different species of cobra, but many different animals are often added, including seahorses, dogs, baby deer, geckos, chicken feet and so on.

Two Kinds Of Snake Wine

There are two kinds of snake wine: steeped and blended. Steeped snake wine is made using a whole ‘live’ snake which is drowned in rice wine, to ferment it for several months. Blended requires dissecting the snake before combining with the rice wine. Blended snake wine emphasizes the use of the snake’s gallbladder and heart in the tonic.

Live snake having it's gall bladder cut out for snake wine.

Live snake having it’s gall bladder cut out for snake wine.

Blended wine has a pinkish hue from the blood and innards, while steeped snake wine is a more golden color.

* Steeped: a large venomous snake can be placed into a glass jar of rice wine, often with many smaller snakes, turtles, insects, or birds, and left to steep for many months. The wine is drunk as a restorative in small shots or cups.
* Blended: Body fluids of a LIVE SNAKE are mixed into wine and consumed immediately in the form of a shot. Snake blood wine is prepared by SLICING A LIVE SNAKE ALONG IT’S BELLY and draining its blood into a mixing vat with rice wine or grain alcohol. Snake bile wine is done through a similar method by using the contents of the LIVE snake’s gall bladder.

Because of the medicinal herbs that are mixed in, the Chinese drink it for good health and long levity. Li (falsely) says it takes away flu and helps build up your immune system.

The so-called medicinal mixture stays in its container for many years, even when the rice-wine has run out, more wine is simply added. Li says that rice wine is usually clear in colour but once it is mixed into the container it turns a yellow/red colour. “That’s when you know it is good to drink,” (WNV.)

Snake Wine As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM holds that you are what you eat (bone is good for bone, heart for heart, penis for penis, and so on). Snake wine tonic, loaded with yang energy, is a legendary sex tonic for men and though Western medicine does not endorse it at all. TCM recommends women to sip a little to snake wine to treat rheumatism.

Ancient and modern Chinese and people throughout Southeast Asia soak snakes in spirit, especially venomous snakes. The alcohol denatures the venom and breaks down the proteins in the poison, but the invigorating “essence” of the venom remains.

To make snake wine, LIVE SNAKES ARE FIRST KEPT FOR A MONTH WITHOUT FOOD OR WATER, so its intestines are emptied. It is then washed and placed live into a strong container of alcohol (50 percent or higher), which is then sealed for at least two months.

Japanese Snake Wine – Habushu

Habushu (ハブ酒?) is made in Okinawa, Japan. Other common names include Habu Sake or Okinawan Snake Wine. Habushu is aptly named after the Habu snake (Trimeresurus flavoviridis) which belongs to the Pit Viper family and is closely related to the American rattler or copperheads. This is a very popular drink among Americans stationed in Japan, to stimulate the male libido.

A habu snake is able to mate for as long as 26 hours at a time, which causes some to believe that a drink of habushu may help sexual dysfunction in men. It is falsely thought that these strengths get passed on to those who drink habushu., pet centric

Westerner looking for answers from Japanese Habushu – the so-called male libido-enhancing snake wine?

The most common method used in Japanese snake wine is for snake to be put on ice until it passes out, at which point it is then gutted, bled and sewed up. When the VIPER IS THAWED AND AWAKENS it will quickly die in an aggressive striking manner, which is what most producers look for.

The manufacturer will then put the habu in an ethanol bath for a month to preserve it. To continue the process, the habu is put in a 59% alcohol mix for 40 days and finally put in a 35% awamori mix to prepare for consumption. Removing the intestines of the snake, as in the second method, is thought to decrease the drink’s particularly unpleasant smell.

Snake Wine Throughout Asia

A favorite snake to use for snake wine is the King Cobra (ohiophagus hannah), the longest venomous snake in the world. Cobras are the only snake that can spit its venom and it’s bite can inject enough venom to kill an elephant. When working with Cobras, they bind it’s mouth tightly shut so it cannot spit.

The beliefs of snakes’ healing abilities are derived from snake characteristics like agility, skin shedding, and speed. The flexibility of snakes is believed to be a good treatment for stiffness and arthritis. Their ability to shed their skin translates into a regenerative quality for skin ailments, such as acne or itching skin. Another healing property snakes are (falsely) know for is their speed. Its speed represents how quickly the healing occurs and moves fast throughout the body (NF.)

Medicinal wines have remained a favorite drink for many Chinese and Vietnamese men in their own country, but also throughout the world.

“I drink different kinds of medicinal wines, especially snake wine, to help improve my health,” said Nguyen Van Vuong, 48, of a village near Ha Noi Snake village, and like most snake wine drinkers he doesn’t think that there’s any harm drinking medicinal wines.

In Conclusion

Throughout the ages people have used many forms of stimulants to enhance their sexual performance and boost their health, in the quest for longevity of life. Some remedies are more bizarre than others and many have been and still are downright cruel to the animals used.

Other formulas that people have used throughout the centuries to boost their sexual interest are less well known: powdered lizard in white wine; dried black ants mixed with olive oil; snake blood; jackal bile or ass’s milk (rubbed on the male and female genitals prior to intercourse); fermented leeches (poured over the penis); melted fat from a camel’s hump; the king eider duck’s billknob (ingested); skin of the toad Bufo Bufo gargarizans (known as Chan Su, a topical preparation that can be deadly when ingested); and the flesh of the lion-tailed macaque (ingested)., pet centric

King Cobra snake make into snake wine.

Snakes are cruelly abused to be made into snake wine; being starved of food and water for a month, being sliced open along the belly – while still alive, to being drowned in wine, while posed in their once most proud stance.

There is no scientific evidence that snake wine cures medical illnesses. There is no scientific evidence snake wine does anything for a man’s libido or his erection or his staying power. Seek professional medical help from a Sex Therapist, but do not expect it from drinking snakes in a bottle.

If you are considering ordering snake wine online, before ordering please consider the suffering each snake endures for the sake of snake wine.

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