Baby Tiger Drugged And Dragged Around Casino For Fun

Baby Tiger Drugged And Dragged Around Casino For Fun, pet centric Baby Tiger Drugged and Dragged Around Casino For Fun

A female five month old endangered Siberian tiger cub named Crystal, was heavily drugged and paraded around as a status symbol, on the opening night of the new Vladivostok Casino: Tigre de Cristal, in Russia.

Casino spokespeople have freely confessed to drugging the young cub, saying that because she was too small for an injection, they fed her a bottle laced with sedatives, leaving her so heavily drugged she was rendered semi-conscious.

Outrage broke out after publicity photographs were published which showed the semi-conscious cub hanging in people’s arms. Vladivostok police are investigating what medication was given to the cub., pet centric

Semi-conscious Crystal the tiger cub, being paraded around inside the casino.

The Casino bought the tiger cub for 450,000 roubles (US$6,800), and transported her 7,800 kilometres from Ufa Zoo to Vladivostok, just three days before parading the young cub through the casino.. The cub is currently housed at a private zoo near Ussuriysk, where she is on call for the casino to parade out for future “themed” parties.

Casino organizers were accused of ‘torturing’ the cub and ‘mocking animals,’ parading a young cub in a heavily crowded environment with loud music and bright lights. Protesters labelled the publicity stunt as ‘cheap glamour.’ Local Vladivostok resident  Irina Butkovskaya said: “It was very frustrating that the casino  began with a crime, of animal abuse.”

The new casino aims to tap into the massive Asian gambling market. Vice governor of Primorsky region Sergey Nekhaev  has confirmed plans for more casinos to be opening soon in the new ‘gaming’ zone., pet centric

Crystal the tiger cub, on stage at the casino opening.

Tigers are considered a national treasure in Russia, therefore the new casino received a lot of negative publicity since opening night, because of the abuse toward the cub.

In the 1930s there were only 20 to 30 Siberian Tigers left in the wild, after they were hunted to near extinction. Although heavily protected now, there are still only around 360 individual tigers left in the wild. The constant demand for Tiger Bone and other body parts of tigers used in traditional Chinese medicine, means tigers continue to remain under serious threat.

The casino has vehemently defended the drugging, saying it’s standard procedure to drug animals to keep them from being overwhelmed by the casino or biting patrons. The head of the Laboratory Center for Animal Disease, Irina Korotkova, confirmed: ‘The animal was artificially sent to sleep with medication. In such cases its eyes are not closed.”, pet centric

Keeping to the tiger theme, the Vladivostok casino also had dancing girls dressed as sexy tigers.

Sergei Aramilev, of the Amur Tiger Centre, demanded to know what sedative the tiger was given and said: “There are cases when pet owners give a sleeping pills to the animals. In terms of moral and ethical aspects, it is not good.”

Zoo director Ekaterina Zotova explained: ‘Before the show we gave her a sedative. They are absolutely harmless and necessary to the animal to prevent aggression from the loud music.  After sedation, the tigress dropped her lower eyelids.’

Tigers are under serious threat because of man’s relentless hunting, and now the quest for Tiger Bone and other tiger body parts to satisfy fake medicinal beliefs. Next on the negative-list are petting zoos, which will be examined in an upcoming article.

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