Australia: Rescued Tasmanian Devil + Video

Australia: Rescued Tasmanian Devil + Video, pet centricAustralia: Rescued Tasmanian Devil + Video

Classified as Endangered on the red list (IUCN), this wild Tasmanian Devil known as Mungo, suffered a serious injury when he became entangled in a wire fence in his native area, in Tasmania, Australia., pet centric

Mungo’s severe wound, before being stitched up during surgery.

Fortunately Mungo was rescued and taken straight to the Animal Medical Center, where Dr. Tim anesthetized the Devil and stitched the massive wound back together. Mungo was transferred to Tasmania’s Save The Tasmanian Devil Program, where he is doing well and expected to make a good recovery., pet centric

Mungo when his surgery was completed, before being transferred to the specialized Devil center.

Tasmanian Devils are the world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial, with the strongest jaws of any living mammal. They are scavengers and devour bones, fur and all, and when they eat they make loud screaming noises to establish dominance.

Today the Tasmanian Devil is an icon in Tasmania and wholly protected but they are in  a lot of trouble. In 1996 Devil Facial Tumor Disease surfaced: a fatal condition characterized by cancers around the mouth and head., pet centric

Healthy Tasmanian Devil.

Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) is a transmissible cancer which is passed from devil to devil through close contact. The live tumor cells aren’t rejected by the animal’s immune system because the devil’s immune system doesn’t recognize these cells as foreign.

Vehicle strike is the Devil’s other major concern. Several weeks ago 20 Devils without facial tumor disease were released into a National Park. Within days, two of those Devils were hit by cars and killed!

A very good video explaining the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease:

To read more on Tasmanian Devils and stay abreast of their fight for survival: please click: Save The Tasmanian Devil Program.

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