Nigeria, Africa: Live Dogs Exchanged For Palm Oil

Nigeria, Africa: Live Dogs Exchanged For Palm Oil

Danwaki Dog Market is one of the main dog markets in Nigeria where live dogs are bartered in exchange for palm oil.  Thursday morningsis the main day for dog trading at the Plateau State Dog Market, Danwaki, Nigeria. The live dogs are for dog meat for human consumption.

On the day before market day (Wednesday), Kanke dog vendors unload their dogs and prepare for customers. Most Nigerian markets dog traders travel through through the night in lorries which are loaded with howling dogs over-crammed into small cages, to arrive before dawn because by 4.00am the market is already busy with customers arriving.

Dog traders and buyers travel all the way from states like Cross Rivers, AkwaIbom, Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba, and many other southern states. Dog traders from neighboring countries of Cameroun and Ivory Coast also frequent this dog market in Nigeria. Traders bring goods from their home states, in exchange to barter for live dogs, for dog meat.

Palm oil from Calabar is known as “red gold,” giving Calabar traders an upper hand in doing business, as they exchange live dogs over for the equivalent value of palm oil.

A regula dog buyer at Danwaki dog market, Mrs. Bassy Essien says she travels to the dog market twice a month to exchange palm oil for dogs because the business is “lucrative and rewarding.” She says the only risk involved is having to travel through the night all the way from Calabar to Jos in a lorry.

She says once she gets the dogs back to Calabar they “sell like hot cakes” because their cooked as delicacies at local hot-beer joints like the Marina Beach spots, where politicians and foreign nationals sit outside in the cool of the evenings and enjoy eating dog meat.

She says:“With dog meat served together with hot local beer, an evening is made in Calabar!”

Another dog trader who calls himself Akpan said: “I have lived all my life in Calabar, but 12 years ago I started my dog [meat] business. When I see big politicians enjoy the delicacy dog meat I feel exceedingly fulfilled that I am a part of their joy.”

Dogs are bred in Plateau State for dog meat. [ NOTE: Breeding dogs for consumption means DOG FARMS.]

In Kanke Local Government Area it is considered a great honor to welcome a visitor with dog meat delicacy. Dog meat has now become a trend in most famous “joints,” even in Jos city. People joke that dogs which westerners call “man’s best friend” has now been renamed “man’s best taste.”

Many people who eat dog meat falsely believe the meat has medicinal properties, including the false belief that dog meat improves a man’s sexual performance. This ties directly in with customers enjoying tough dog meat, which is brought about through cruel methods of slaughter which are done to deliberately flood the dog’s body with as much adrenaline s possible – making the meat as tough as possible. This is falsely believed to enhance a man’s libido.

Some people believe dog meat cures a lot of disease such as malaria, typhoid, dysentery in children, and even protection against witchcraft. It is falsely believed by some dog meat eaters that if they eat enough dog meat they will be protected from evil. There is no scientific evidence to any of the above claims.

Not everyone in Danwaki agrees with eating dog meat. Local veterinarian Dr. Pam Musa believes dogs are inherently emotional and friendly to humanity and that slaughtering dogs for food is excessively cruel. Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you information on Africa’s dog meat trade where over 20 countries eat dog meat, across the continent.

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